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Airush 5-Line control Bar 2009

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The Airush 5-Line Cleat bar is strong, functional and very well engineered;

  • The front lines are locked to the 5th line above the adjuster strap to prevent trim alterations when adjusting setting with the power strap
  • Large milled alloy central bar insert for minimal wear and easy bar travel and movement
  • 5th line gives full re-ride safety and easy water relaunch
  • Contoured bar with visual clues as to the orientation when riding

  • 45 cm Barlenght

  • Extremely durable lines that have virtually no breakage in the history of the model
  • Easy stow clips for neat storage on the bar ends
  • Adjustable chicken loop lines for long / short arm and hook in/out preferences
  • Compatible with the 5-Line Strap Bar with adjustable depower strap above the depower line.
  • Modular control bar design to allow for multi functional leash, depower and line configuration
  • Both feature the Airush unique ,On the fly, stopper ball, for easy bar adjustments
  • Increased simplicity of the bar and reduced weight of components

5th Line Leash: Apart from running a massive depower by just releasing the bar, the Airush 5-Line Control bar system uses a classic 5th line leash system which can be adjusted from super safe at 5 meters long, right down to 1.5 meters for advanced freestyle kiteboarders.

Tangle Free Line Ends: The Airush 5-Line control bar has new line connectors, which have less corners and snagging sections making setting your lines out much quicker and easier. Also, In the unfortunate situation of a massive line tangle, the connectors can be completely removed allowing the lines ends to slip through and be untangled easily.

For use with the Airush Vapor as well as any other 5-line depowerable kite where all flying lines are the same length