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Airush Access Bar V2 2020

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Airush Size Guide

Airush Access Bar V2 2020


Designed for smaller riders, the Access Bar focuses on a more compact control setup with a smaller harness loop and shorter trim line. Keeping the depower strap easily within reach, which is absolutely critical for riding comfortably and safely. The reduction in grip diameter is extremely beneficial for those with smaller hands and ensures a more comfortable grip while riding.


  • Optimized control system for smaller riders. 
  • Small 24cm chicken loop.
  • Short bar throw for easy reach.
  • Bar length 41cm – 51cm Adjustable.
  • 4 Line Bar.
  • Line length 24m total = 1m leader lines + 21m lower lines + 3m upper lines
  • Short leash with clips.
  • Heavy duty locking tube.
  • Small harness loop.
Marque: Airush
Year: 2020