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Airush Amp V2 2019

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Airush Amp V2 2019


The 2019 Airush AMP V2 surfboard is an all-round board for riders wanting to take on a range of conditions. The wide nose of the AMP V2 allows it to excel in small waves and lighter conditions while its nose rocker keeps it performing as the surf  starts to get bigger.

  •     Incredible new shape combining performance and early planing.
  •     High speed rocker for maximum speed.
  •     High curve outline for manoeuvrability.

The AMP II (V2) was developed directly from our favourite dedicated all-round surf shape, combining a flat rocker for high speed and control, with a higher curve outline to optimise the manoeuvrability.
The narrower tail is ideal for kiting, as it maintains control at high speed while the wider center and fuller nose work with the at rocker to optimise the low wind performance.
The bottom shape features a double concave bottom center section to absorb chop and offer a smooth ride. The winger channels introduce more rocker into the tail section for snap off the top, while keeping a fast rail rocker for drive through the bottom turn.
The 2019 Airush AMP V2 is the ultimate blend of drive and manoeuvrability. It is ideal for less powerful surf and onshore days. Ride it one size smaller for higher wind and at water boosting or one size bigger for surfing and kiting crossover. The AMP II (v2) sets a new paradigm in smaller wave performance, but will surprise you in all conditions…

5’4” (163cm) | 19” (48.6cm) | 2.3” (5.8cm) | 25.4L
5’6” (168cm) | 19.5” (49.5cm) | 2.4” (6.1cm) | 28L
5’8” (173cm) | 20” (50.8cm) | 2.5” (6.35cm) | 31L

Reflex Carbon Innegra

In our quest to develop the lightest performance surfboard on the market with increased flex and response, Airush introduces the Reflex Carbon Innegra construction. The first key ingredient is our flyweight core where the unique molding process creates an extremely light core, less than half the weight of a traditional surf core, but with a dense outer skin created through a specific molded core for each board size. The second key ingredient is our tough Corecell sandwich layer on the top and bottom skin. This unique material keeps the top and bottom deck from buckling while preserving the flex characteristics. We also don’t sandwich the rail, which enhances the flex further. The final outer skin comprises of a Biaxial Carbon fibre bottom deck and a unique Biaxial Carbon Innegra top deck. This fanatical use of biaxial fibers results in an extremely high-performance skin that enables the board to flex significantly while still being extremely durable and responsive. The Reflex Carbon Innegra is ultimately the lightest construction available, with the incredible durability and response of the advanced composite sandwich layer. The Reflex Carbon shapes do not have foot strap inserts. If you use the new AK stick on straps, insert positions are indicated on the board.

Reflex Bamboo

The Reflex Bamboo takes the same medium density core as our Custom Construction, but we remove the traditional wood stringer and add a full deck progressive flex bamboo sandwich with a longitudinally oriented bamboo center panel on the bottom deck. The unique bamboo top deck progressive flex is achieved through a variable orientation, where the nose area features a longitudinal oriented bamboo section, the center section a 45 degree bias, and the tail section a horizontal orientation. To top this off we include a UD Flax rail, which strengthens the rail section while improving impact resistance. Flax offers nearly 50% better performance in tensile elongation than regular glass, with significantly improved environmental credentials. Reflex Bamboo combines incredible flex with a durable sandwich outer layer. This make it ideal for the rider looking for a bombproof and reliable performance construction. The Reflex Bamboo shapes do not have footstrap inserts. If you use the new AK stick on straps, insert positions are indicated on the board.

Custom Epoxy

The Custom EPS construction blends a classic surf style, with the premium Ecoboard construction and our advanced core technology. We start with a medium-density EPS core (35 Kg/per m3 , for the tech heads) developed from our premium fused EPS technology. When using a single skin construction a denser core is ideal, specifically in the thinner lower volume boards. The Converse is one such board. Covering the core, the laminate has been reinforced to deal with the demands of kiting with up to five layers in the standing area, and a final layer of Innegra under the heels. Innegra is the lightest fibre commercially available and can dissipate tremendous amounts of energy, making it ideal for high impact areas.
Custom EPS offers the flex and feel characteristics of a classic surfboard, with the increased durability of the kite specific construction. All custom epoxy surfboards include footstrap inserts.

NOTICE: With Footstrap Inserts
Straps, Traction Pads and Fins Sold Separately

Brands: Airush
board category: directionals
Year: 2019

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