Airush Cypher 2016

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Airush Cypher 2016

Stay true to its heritage the Cypher remains the onshore riders board of choice.

All size feature finer rails than previously to improve the stability of the bottom turn at speed. The Swallowtail maintains a parallel outline, for drive and stability while reducing some area in the tail for more grip and drive off the top.

5?6?x19 1/2?x2?  22L ? The 5?6? is the perfect all round performer, the reduced volume and fine rails ensures great high speed performance in a diverse range onshore to cross-onshore conditions.

5?8?x20?x2 1/2? 27L - For medium to light-wind and heavier rider, the 5?8? offers enough buoyancy for paddle surfing up to an advanced 85 kg rider in small surf (up to shoulder high).

5?10?x20 3/4?x 2.5? 31L  ? The Narrower 5?10 for 2015 will appeal to the heavier crossover rider or the kiter looking for perfect light wind performance.

// Additional width for stability and planning
// Flying V bottom shape for drive and control
// Tri Fin, Quad Fin or 5 Fin configuration
// FCS Fusion Box
// Available in Bamboo and Active Construction

Hersteller: Airush
Boardkategorie: Directionals
Jahr: 2016