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Airush Lithium 2016

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Airush Lithium 2016


+The World?s favorite freeride kite
+Incredibly stable with smooth consistent drive
+Fast and simple to relaunch due to the Delta Hybrid design


As the do-all kite in the Airush range, the Lithium has been proven to meet the requirements of riders looking to do a bit of everything from freeride, jumping, looping and waves.   With amazing park power, stability and ease of use, the Lithium is simply the perfect kite. The focus of wingtip and strut layout in conjunction with the Delta Hybrid design insures the quickest response throughout the air as well as instant relaunching capabilities.

The Lithium 17 uses the same Lithium freeride flying characteristics in the extreme lightwind category. Both innovative in their own designs, these kites are focused on reducing weight in the overall construction.

The next generation Dyneema Load Frame takes the biggest innovation in kite construction to a whole new level and is combined with the Technoforce D2 by Teijin, for the ultimate mix of durability and lightweight performance. For wave performance, this optimised weight is essential for improved drift stability, while the load frame makes all the difference when additional durability is required.

?The Lithium is by far our most popular kite in the range.  Kiters year after year use the Lithium because it?s ease of use, smooth power delivery, versatility in all types of conditions and disciplines, and quick relaunching.  By changing wingtip design and subtle difference in aspect ratio, the Lithium in smaller sizes adds more top-end range for those gusty or building wind conditions.  The wingtip design adds even more direct steering and assists in depower allowing you to accelerate and decelerate smoothly.  The flatter wingtip give even more response and direct steering.  If you are looking for that extremely fun kite, ideal for the everyday rider, the 2016 Lithium is perfect for you.? ? Airush Kite Designer, Mark Pattison



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