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BWS Stallion V3

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BWS Stallion V3

Shaped by Dano See from DSDmfg, also head kite designer from BWSurf and collaborating with other global kitesurf brands.

This 3 stage rocker with concave is called ?Modern Planing Hull? nowadays but actually this has been around in the sister sport of windsurfing for decades before it found its way to the still young sport of kitesurfing. It?s all stemmed from early days of surfing, when a lot of shaping was done with channels. What is unique in Stallion is the mix of conceptual paths the water can flow which does make it plane early, ride fast, turn tight and be completely drag free. There is a precise formula of fin placement, width and channel dispersion, which makes these boards the best kitesurfing boards on the market today.

The unique bottom concave and further refined concaved channel concept gives the Stallion V3 the super fast drive and control in all conditions. The Stallion was especially designed for kitesurfing in the waves and strapless freestyle: thin, low volume, sharp rails, light and super strong with flex for highest performance.  The way to go for you to enjoy the most sensational kite sesh ever.

The Stallions are made in Portugal, Europe with AppleTree Surfboards, manufactured with the latest and most innovative technology to ensure amongst the lightest and yet strongest boards in the market today.

Over the past 18 months we worked together with our manufacturer to develop a unique technology that ensures a light yet very durable construction. With the Stallion V3 we redefined the complete construction from A to Z with new materials. Every element of the board was reviewed to make it even stronger and better then the previous versions. The result is that the V3 is by far the best Stallion to date, with an unbeatable combination of shape and construction offering an impressive amount of all round performance, durability and strength.

The V3 is built with our new XPS foam, which is 60% stronger in pressure then before but with same flex in the length, offering performance and riding comfort. We call it 50K closed cell, because it can bear until 50.000kg per m2.

XPS is like EPS so it only works with epoxy resin. But it is different in the way it does not contain the beads that EPS has. That?s why it?s called closed foam, it withstands water way better then EPS.  So no worries when you ding the board. Just keep kiting and fix it later. XPS is notoriously hard to laminate, but our HEX SKIN Tech makes it possible! The core is fused with the skin, this gives an optimal bond between skin and core, virtually eliminating de-lamination.

The Stallion V3 is built bomb proof in a triple sandwich construction with the latest 2mm Hex Skin Glass tech all over deck and nearly invisible strategically placed high strength XPS honeycomb foam inserts of 3mm underneath providing a durable platform for your feet, offering more riding comfort then the 5mm PET inserts of before. The  XPS honeycomb is set into the deck of the board, it doesn?t just sit on top of the foam. The inserts are sandwiched between a structural top and bottom BIAX fiberglass layer, with on top of that another glass fiber layer. Together they form a very dent resistant layer and prevent the deck under your feet from denting marks.

To counter the strength of the Hex Glass on the deck and to further control the flex of the board, we designed the U-stringer. The U-stringer of the Stallion V3 consists of an even higher density foam insert wrapped in fiberglass. This stringer acts as a spring rod and runs only in the middle of the board, leaving the tail and nose to freely flex. The u-flex stringer is covered with a thin layer of unidirectional carbon fibre, to further control flex.

The boards are glassed in clear epoxy so you can look directly inside the board, we have nothing to hide under layers op paint! The color on the boards come from tint in the resin itself, it?s transparent and will never fade.

For our Stallion V3 we continue to use more eco friendly resins and we are stoked that these prove to be even higher performance and more durable for our Stallion then the resins we used before. We??re happy to contribute to a more ecofriendly shredders world and be part of the ECOBOARDProject. You will find the official numbered Ecoboard labels on the V3.

You cannot compare the shape of the Stallion with a traditional surfboard, we recommend to ride it between 6'' and 8'' shorter then a directional. If you?re hesitating between 2 sizes, here?s a thought; when your first objective with the Stallion is the freestyle strapless discipline go for the shorter one, if your first concern is performance in the waves, go for the longer one.

4?10 x 17?25 x 1?8. 18,5L. 2,8kg

5?0 x 17?4 x 2?. 20L 2,9kg

5?2 x 17?88 x 2'. 22L 3,0kg

5?4 x 18?33 x 2?12. 24L 3,1kg

Comes without Fins

Boardkategorie: Directionals
Jahr: 2020


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