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Surfpirates Onlineshop - Kitebars

You are looking for a new kitebar? Surfpirates has a large selection at top prices.

Most kitesurf kites fly with 4 lines and bars can also be mixed among the brands.
But to be on the safe side we will inform you individually!
With the two outer lines (steering lines) you steer the kite and on the two middle lines (front lines) the kite hangs and transmits the power.

A very important point on the bar is the depower system. With the depower system you can reduce or fully develop the power of the kite. This way you can adjust a kite even in gusty conditions and don't have to build up another size of kite directly!

Here we have made a video about the different systems : Youtube Video Kitebars - Depower System

Which bar width do I need for which kite?
Basically you can say 4-8m² fly best with a 44cm wide bar. Also freestylers prefer a narrow bar to make the kites as slow as possible. This way the kite does not travel so fast and you have time for the trick. Kites with a size of 9-12m² fly especially agile with a bar width of 50-52cm.  This width is the most universal and can still be followed well even with small wave kites to allow fast and tight turns.
If the kite is bigger than 12m², you need a bar as big as possible to make the kite faster. Large kites are usually not so turn-friendly and a narrow bar would increase this effect. Therefore, one goes here already to the 60cm wide bars!

How does the line length of the bar influence the flight characteristics?
The line length also determines the flight behavior of the kite. Longer lines improve the low end of the kite. With shorter lines, the kite becomes more direct and agile. This is advantageous for freestyle, kiteloops and wave kiting. The standard length of many brands is 24m. Extreme kiters usually prefer shorter lines to get more feedback and control. The "normal" freerider, however, covers the largest range with 24m.

To be able to fly the bar as long as possible, we recommend to rinse the bar with water after each session and store it dry.

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