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Best Red Bar V6 2016-2017

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Best Red Bar V6 2016-2017

    Four line bar in 47 and 52 cm with a single front line safety system
    Proven original Iron Heart IV Quick Release exceeding international safety standards
    Custom suede grip for enhanced comfort and control
    Custom molded Chicken Loop for a comfortably hooked-in ride

Get the most out of your TS, Roca and Cabo with the brand new Best Red bar.
The cleanest and most efficient front line safety system, the proven Iron Heart IV Quick release system and our extremely strong 22 meter lines make it the best and safest bar you could possibly ride.

Adjust and Trim ? Take Full Control

We give you all the tools you need to steer your kite with unlimited precision. The original Clam Cleat® allows you to power and depower your four line kites to have exactly the power you need to perform.
The Best Red bar comes with built-in Backline Adjusters inside the floaters so you can easily trim or adjust your setup.

Safety ? Reduce All Risk

The Red bar excels in all international safety standards due to the proven quick release system featuring the original Iron Heart IV.
It easily matches the requirements of the French Norm, read: the force needed to release your kite is below 9.8 kg while the actual release process does not take longer than 0.5 seconds.
Without question, the Iron Heart IV is the best system on the market. In case of releasing the kite the reversed pin protects your hand while the single front line safety kicks in and the kite flags out to fall gently from the sky ? completely powerless.
Our ultra-strong and durable lines, made out of the highest grade Dyneema fibers available, are another great feature. When we say ultra-strong, we mean it! The lines have a total breaking load of at least 1,955 kg.
Each single line has the strength to carry the weight of about seven persons. There is no way they will fail you, no matter how hard you shred. All Red bars come with our genuine Micro leash, the safest leash system on the market.

Freeride Comfort ? Ride Better For Longer

The bar comes with our custom molded chicken loop that is optimized to fit the needs of wave and freeriders. Its design provides a snug fit around the harness hook for increased stability which comes in handy when the kite is drifting.
Most noticeably is the custom stitched bar grip with our proven suede material. The perfect ergonomics enhances control while adding comfort to your hands. The muscles tire less easily and getting blisters will become your toughest challenge.

Innovative Features ? Go With Advanced Design

We placed the bar swivel below the bar so you can easily untwist your lines after rotations or loops.
We added an alloy steel core into our glass reinforced nylon bar ends to improve the steering responsiveness as well as increasing the bars durability.
Additionally, our patented self-lubricant Delrin Insert efficiently reduces wear and tear on the power lines to ensure your bar will last a lifetime ? one of the many reasons why it comes with our lifetime warranty.

We engineered this bar to be safe, comfortable and reliable. It excelled in all tests, including our +500 hours of real life riding.

Hersteller: Best
Jahr: 2016 2017


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