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Kiteboard Bindings & Pads

Kiteboard Bindings: The key to a great ride!

Wondering which binding is right for your kiteboard? Kiteboard bindings are pretty much the most important thing that lies between your feet and the board, and significantly influence your riding experience. Whether you're looking for kite bindings, pads or other cool kite accessories, you'll find them here at Surfpirates.

So which kiter should ride with boots and which with the pad strap binding?

Choosing between Boots with a fixed binding and Pad-Strap binding is like the difference between a cocktail at the beach and an ice cold beer at the BBQ - both are awesome, but for different vibes!

Kiteboard Bindings with Boots:

  • For advanced and professional riders
  • Perfect for wakestyle and aggressive riding styles
  • Provides firm grip and high support

In short: If you already master the first tricks as a kiter, a firm binding helps you to even more height to surf to the next level.

Pad-Strap Binding:

  • Ideal for beginners to advanced riders
  • Great for freeride and relaxed cruising
  • Easy to put on and quick board change

What are pads & straps for in a kiteboard binding?

Pads & Kiteboard Straps - that sounds kind of technical? Don't worry, we'll enlighten you.

Kite Pads: The kite pads are your personal landing zone. They provide cushioning, comfort and a better board feel. Think of them like the insoles of your sneakers - they make all the difference!

Kiteboard Straps (also called Kiteboard Loops): Like seatbelts, kiteboard straps encircle your feet. They ensure that you don't fly off your board unintentionally and at the same time offer the necessary freedom of movement for tricks.

Surfpirates tip: Kiteboard straps that are padded with foam make you comfortable and avoid unpleasant pressure points.

What should you look for in your personal kiteboard binding test?

Before you jump into the waves, here are a few tips on what to look for when choosing your kiteboard bindings. We will be happy to advise you.

  • 1. adaptability: how easy is it to adjust the kiteboard pads? Does the binding fit well with your board and feet?
  • 2. material & quality: a robust material ensures that your bindings last longer. Invest in quality - it's worth it!
  • 3. comfort: this is the key! Do the kiteboard bindings feel comfortable? Do they not press anywhere?
  • 4. style: yes, that counts too! A cool look gives you that extra bit of confidence.

Check out the kite bindings at

Well, feel like finding your perfect kiteboard bindings? Whether you're looking for bindings, pads or other kite accessories, you'll find what your kiteboarding heart desires here. So, get on your board and into the fun - with the perfect bindings from!

Surfpirates stands not only for top quality, but also for a wide variety of brands. No matter if you are a loyal fan of a certain brand or just want to try something new - there is something for everyone here. And the best? In our sale you can find kiteboard bindings at great prices. That sounds like a deal not to be missed!

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