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Brunotti Early Bird 2020

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  • Brunotti High Performance Binding

    Our High Performance Accessories Set consists out of the comfort handle, High Performance pads, and theHigh Performance Straps.
    This easily configurable setup will offer riders the maximum amount of performance in terms of comfort and grip.
    The ergonomically shaped pads and straps provide great comfort and grip resulting in the ultimate locked-in feeling.
    Together with the wide variety of settings and adjustments, these pads provide a secure and comfortable feeling for all foot shapes and sizes

    This High Performance Accessories Set is a great addition to our high end boards like the Dimension, Riptide, Youri Pro and Virtuoso

    Together with the comfort handle, also with a simple configuration , this set is complete for riders demanding the ultimate in comfort and control.

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Brunotti Early Bird 2020


+Hyperbolic Chassis
+Torque Equalizer
+Active Backbone
+Single Concave


If you need something for the days with less wind, but do not immediately look for a massive door that is so heavy you won't only go in a straight line, the Early Bird might be something for you. A light weather board which still feels energetic because of it's lightweight construction. You'll certainly be one of the first on the water.


+CNC Wood Core


+Splitter Twintip Fins
+Grab Handle
+Screwcap 4pcs

Comes only in one size: 150*45cm

Hersteller: Brunotti
Boardkategorie: Twintips
Jahr: 2020


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