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CAAS Power Wave RDM C75

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CAAS Power Wave 75%

Top mast for freestyle, wave and free-ride sailing. Available in series with 75% carbon content. Tested by Andra? ?an, SLO-49. His performances with these masts are excellent at the EFPT and PWA class matches. ?iga Hrcek, SLO-99, and Nina Tanhofer test them with their instructors and use them in their windsurfing courses.

Masts are made out of top carbon prepreg with the latest autoclave technology. Their feature is a special construction, which distinguishes them from masts of other manufacturers. They are made of wave construction in the interior profile of the mast, which stifles down tensions at high curving during wave sailing. External layers are set in a way that reduces the oscillation frequency and calms down the mast quickly after the load is reduced. Proportionally to the increase of the length, the share and effect of external layers increase as well.


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