Cabrinha Overdrive 1X Recoil 2017

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Cabrinha Overdrive 1X Bar 2017


STANDARD (Adjusts 48-56cm)

Overdrive 1X Recoil w/ Fireball
Overdrive 1X Recoil w/ QuickLoop

Our premium adjustable control system can quickly change the length of your bar from 48cm to 56cm. The Overdrive mode increases the turning speed and performance of any kite large or small. The recoil trim adjusters keep your trim in the same position every time. Even after you?ve depowered your kite, Recoil will return the trim adjusters to the exact same position for easy operation. The spring has been extended and is now closer to the rider on all bars. The Overdrive 1X control system features our 1x security system and is available with the Fireball or QuickLoop connection methods. Both methods meet our stringent quality standards that you?ve come to expect. Each one is built for specific functions, the utmost being whether you ride hooked in or predominantly unhooked.
Features & Benefits:


    Maximum turning speed available with 8cm of adjustment on the fly
    Comfortable midsize grip
    Two Piece Spinning handle


    Easy to use
    Keeps your trim adjuster within reach and always in the same position
    Largest amount of depower available


    Focuses the pull of the kite directly to your core for ultimate control
    Non-binding, non-restrictive for fluid motion
    Integrated natural swivel
    Interactive non-binding auto locking gate
    Ridiculously easy 1X security activation and reconnection


    Works great for unhooked maneuvers
    Quick and easy QR operation
    Simple 1X security activation and reset
    Removable centralized security pin

Hersteller: Cabrinha
Jahr: 2017