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Cabrinha Tronic 2018

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Cabrinha Tronic 2018


- Sizes: 137 x 41 / 141 x 42


The Tronic is designed to thrive in choppy water or carve turns in the surf.

The Tronic has literally carved it?s way into the hearts and quivers of it's dedicated following. The Tronic is a twin tip with an outline and rocker made for rough water and surf. The Tronic cuts through chop with ease and pushes through G-force inducing turns with power and control. The Tronic 149cm model has a completely new shape which favors an off-set surf stance strap positioning. The 149cm version is also IKA race registered? giving this board an incredibly wide range of use.

Hersteller: Cabrinha
Boardkategorie: Twintips
Jahr: 2018


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