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Concept X Kitebag Globe Double

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199,90 €
incl. 19% VAT , no shipping costs
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Concept X Kitebag Globe Double

The ideal flight companion for two boards and equipment ( kites and neoprene )
.The boards are protected by an intermediate layer. The boardbag is characterized by robust workmanship and extra reinforcements. Sturdy carrying handles front and back with two offroad wheels for easy transport. All-round zipper. So you can comfortably take the board from behind also from the car roof. Removable shoulder strap. Reinforced PVC bottom and rails stabilize the bag.


6.0 = padding 12mm / length 6,0 (182 cm) / height 26 cm / width 59 cm. Weight approx. 5.9 kg.
6.6 = padding 12mm / length 6,6 ( 200 cm ) / height 26 cm / width 59 cm. Weight approx. 6.3 kg.

Brands: Concept X