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Core Sensor Bar 3/+

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Core Sensor Bar 3/+

High tech without gimmicks and distracting factors.
The Sensor 3 bar is focused on the essentials to give you the most direct feel for your kite.

Titanium Core
Light as a feather and ultra strong.
The titanium core in the bar provides extreme stiffness and a particularly crisp feel. In addition to a significant increase in breaking load, it allows for double line routing in the center with replaceable inserts.

Harmonious transitions without corners and edges.
The revolutionary winders offer a flight and a storage function. After the lines have been unwound from the bar, the levers at the bar ends simply fold in. The resulting smooth transitions mean that there are no longer any hard edges. Due to the soft grip coating that is pulled all the way to the edges, full control is available to you - no matter where you grip the bar.

GripLoc NEW!
Everything in your grip.
The EVA covering with optimized profile embossing guarantees a non-slip grip on the bar, while the improved ergonomics of the bar ensure maximum haptic comfort. The calm color scheme and a red line on the back make it easy to see the correct position of the bar at a glance at all times.

The line setup, like the depower system and safety, is consistently designed to provide unparalleled directness, maximum feedback and intuitive control.

Live Wire NEW!
Direct Wire.
The floaters end a few inches above the bar and are not directly connected to the spar, providing a very light and dynamic control feel. The technical bar width can be adjusted with just one finger click. This is made possible by the rotating steering line suspension hidden in the bar ends. This way you can cover the entire kiterange with your Sensor 3. The rubbers for attaching the wound-up lines disappear into the floaters during your session.

Auto Untwist
Twisted lines are a thing of the past.

The Sensor 3 Bar ensures that you always have perfectly sorted front lines. Thanks to the extremely low-friction and low-wear ceramic ball bearing underneath the Quick Release, the Sensor 3 Bar always untwists the lines immediately. Without any action on the part of the rider. The result: optimal power flow in any situation and outstanding durability in saltwater and sand.

4:1 Adjuster
Short distances, great effect.
The force required to operate the adjuster is divided into four parts by sophisticated deflectors. This allows a stepless and highly precise trimming of the angle of attack, which can be performed with the least amount of force even in the uppermost wind range. Thanks to the integrated elastic cord, the adjuster rope shortens independently.

Intuitive operability and maximum functionality.
The Chickenloop and the associated Safety System are the crucial link between athlete and sports equipment. Equipped with a new quick-release mechanism, the Sensor 3 bar system meets all safety requirements.

The heart
The new CORE Intuitive Connect release mechanism is made of carbon fiber and a V4A steel core. The Quick Release cap provides the best possible grip. After a release, the system is ready for use again in a flash with just one click. The end of the loop is simply inserted from below into the QR until it clicks into place and you're ready to go!

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