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Dr. Tuba Kite Repair Kit

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Dr. Tuba Kite Repair Kit

The most advanced and up-to-date kite repair kit! With our new DIY kit you’ll be able to repair almost any known problem on your kite, from ripstop & dacron fabrics to bladders and valves.


We were listening to what our customers are saying, what their wishes are and which products would suit them the best. We were able to combine the versatility of Complete and flexibility of Mini kit, into one extended and multi useful combination.

Our new Kite Repair Kit, among others, includes many top quality products like Aquasure PU glue, our new Ultra repair patch, repair dots and new 3M valve repair circles. Packed in tough travel box it is the most valued and a must have friend - whether you are travelling to exotic locations or just enjoying riding on your favourite local spot!

Go and kite hard on your next kite adventure!

A wide array of adhesive tapes is added into the kit. You will be able to easily repair your kite's ripstop canopy, structure and protecting fabrics, even on a heavy load area. Pinholes can be repaired with bladder dots and large tears with FiberFIX plus glue.

Our new Ultra Repair Patches, Aquasure PU glue and 3M valve circles will help you permanently repair your kite's bladders and valves. Repair pinholes with a drop of glue or bladder dots.

Easy to understand step by step instructions will guide you trough the whole repair proccess for each step of the repair. You will learn where and how the product can be used. Tips & tricks included!


Join the DIY community and repair like a pro! You will see how easy it is to repair your kite with with kit's top products and with the help of detailed instructional manual.

Nylon Ripstop adhesive tape, white (1m)
Dacron adhesive tape, black (1m)
FiberFIX tape (1.5m)
Ultra Repair Bladder adhesive tape (6.5cm x 15cm)
3M ValveFIX adhesive circles (3x)
Kite repair Dots (10x)
Aquasure PU Glue 28g (1x)
Glue applicatior (1x)
Glue brush (1x)
Gloves (1x)
Tie-wraps (6x)
Sanding paper (1x)
Alcohol swabs (6x)
Scissors (1x)
Carry box (1x)
DIY & Step - by - Step Manual

Hersteller: Dr. Tuba