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Duotone Free Foil Board

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649,00 €
incl. 19% VAT , no shipping costs
Duotone Kiteboarding Size Guide

Duotone Free Foil Board 2019


Easy to control
Easy to handle, ideal even for beginners

Early planing
Early planing due to large planing surface

Easy handling
Easy handling due to low volume

4-point connection
Minimal influence on weight and flex

Adjustment of the straps
Setup with 2 or 3 straps + cork deck

Very robust construction

Direct board feedback


The Duotone Free is a modern, versatile board designed specifically for foiling; it offers the easiest entry into the world of foil boarding, has a very robust construction and a very attractive price! The Free is ideal for riders who prefer an easy to handle board. The rubber and cork deck reduces the risk of injury during "wipeout". The low volume makes it easy to handle, while the large sliding surface allows for easy launching. The durable twintip construction is virtually indestructible and unique for a foil board. Getting into foiling and improving skills on the foil board has never been easier.

Brands: Duotone Kiteboarding
board category: foil
Year: 2019