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Duotone Pace Foil Board 2020

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Duotone Pace 2020


The completely new Duotone Pace. All round freeride foil board, now available in 4 different sizes!

Key Features

all-round freeride foil
An all-round freeride board with plenty of volume.

double concave bottom shape
The double concave bottom shape is designed especially for light wind glide and soft touchdowns.

Bevelled rails
The bevelled rails prevent catching in chop and allow aggressive leaning angles.

Increased nose rocker and increased surface area
The increased nose rocker and increased surface area in the nose, prevent nose dives and offer stability.

extra volume for light wind days
Plenty of volume helps on the light wind days to get going with ease.

multiple foot strap options
Depending on your personal preference, you can adjust all straps to your personal style.


The R&D Team in combination with our dedicated foil team completely redesigned the Pace range for 2020 with 4 new shapes. The two smallest sizes are optimized as "pocket" style boards with a slightly narrower stance and rear mounting foil. The two largest boards are optimized for comfort and stability with a slightly wider stance setting and more forward mounting foil. The overall rocker of all boards has been greatly increased and together with the deep double concave bottom shape ensures early glide in light wind and soft touchdowns. Bevelled rails further prevent catching in chop and ensure a smooth and predictable ride. The scooped-out concave deck gives the rider maximum leverage over the foil for direct response and control. A comfortable freeride concept which can handle speed!


Boardkategorie: Foil
Hersteller: Duotone Kiteboarding
Jahr: 2020


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