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Duotone Select SLS 2021

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Duotone Kiteboarding Size Guide

Duotone Select SLS 2021


The best freeride twin tip on the planet just got better, adding Textreme Innegra carbon has created a board that offers a strong, light and superior ride in all conditions, welcome to the world of SLS. The world’s best freeride twin tip just got even better, this year we’ve upgraded the materials to an even higher spec, moving the Select in the SLS range. Using Textreme Innegra carbon has reduced the weight and improved the handling. This board is lighter, faster, more responsive and offers more pop than anything else out there in the freeride sphere. If you want to ultimate twin tip for boosting big airs, ripping huge darkslides and blasting around on the water, then this is it. It’s perfect for carving smooth arcing turns, on the flat and in the waves. The flatter rocker line helps it get going really early when the wind is light but is also one of the keys to its blistering top speed. The Select has long been at the pinnacle of freeride design, the Select Textreme takes that design and adds another element to push the board even further into the realms of excellence. If freeriding is where you find your soul in the heart of kiteboarding, the Select Textreme is the board you need to stoke that fire.


  • Textreme Innegra - Textreme Innegra is the reason for light weight and great comfort.
  • Space Flex - Most comfortable ride and very early planing with Space Flex.
  • Smooth carving - Smooth carving guaranteed due to Space Flex.
  • Biax Carbon - The Biax Carbon makes the board responsive and light.
  • Step Mono Concave - The fastest and easiest to ride Bottom Concept. It can be carved easily through turns and always delivers the right grip. It starts to plane early, allows smaller fins and helps to go upwind.
  • Medium Flex - The Medium Flex offers performance with everyday comfort. Precisely adjusted materials offer control, power and comfort in just the right way to feel good in every possible riding situation.


SIZES 132/39 135/40 138/41 141/42
WEIGHT 55-75kg 70-85kg 75-90kg >85kg
FINSET S-Bend FS 4.5 Carbon 30 S-Bend FS 4.5 Carbon 30 S-Bend FS 4.5 Carbon 30 S-Bend FS 4.5 Carbon 30

“Probably my favorite board to ride in choppy conditions, the board really adapts to the surface of the water give you the maximum comfort!”
- Reno Romeu
Brands: Duotone Kiteboarding
board category: twintips
Year: 2021

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