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Eleveight Curl Pro 2021

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Eleveight Curl Pro 2021


The Curl Pro is hand shaped in Portugal using our innovative CFT construction. It delivers the distinctive surf feel and buoyancy of a true surfboard. We optimized the construction for kite-powered riding.



  • Pro-performance shortboard for aggressive hacks and smooth carves
  • CFT construction with eco-friendly resin for a pure surf feel
  • Carbon stringer and reinforcements for responsive flex and durability
  • Single concave bottom to generate speed and dynamic drive
  • Hand shaped, ideal for riding medium to big waves
  • Fins and Pads not included

2021 Changes

  • More tail rocker for snappy turns
  • slightly more volume for more drive
  • New UV resistant resign for long lasting white appearance
  • ECO friendly resign
  • Overall: bit more volume and even more surf ability
  • New packaging with 90 % decrease of plastic


  • 5´7 x 17 5/8 x 2 - 24.3 Ltr
  • 5´10 x 19 x 2 ¼ - 27 Ltr


The Curl Pro is a high-performance shortboard featuring our innovative Carbon Flex Technology (CFT)
with a medium-density PU-core, an integrated Innegra/carbon vector grid, and a carbon stringer. It
provides the distinctive flex and surf feel of a glassed surfboard while being much more durable. The
single concave bottom adds stability while generating more speed. We added more tail rocker to the
squash tail, making snappy turns and aggressive hacks more accessible. We also increased the board's
volume slightly for more speed and maneuverability. Long flowing carves come naturally to the Curl Pro.
Shaped by hand in Portugal, we switched to an eco-friendly and UV-resistant resin. We also got rid of 90
% of plastic in our packaging. The Curl Pro is excellent in small surf but becomes incredible in punchy
mid- to large-sized waves. It takes you as far as you are willing to push.


The Curl Pro is a professional shortboard, delivering exceptional performance in dynamic rail-to-rail
surfing, perfect for aggressive maneuvers and smooths carving.
– Peter Stiewe

Boardkategorie: Directionals
Jahr: 2021
Hersteller: Eleveight



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