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Eleveight Master 2021

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Eleveight Master 2021


The Master is a high-performance freeride to freestyle twintip for riders with a powerful style to boost staggering big airs and send handlepass tricks.



  • Performance freeride to freestyle twin tip with advanced 3D design
  • Innovative parabolic rails for better rail grip and upwind ability
  • Varying beveled rails optimize flex, speed, and pop
  • Aerospace grade Spread Tow Carbon reinforcement for refined rebound flex
  • Heavy-duty built quality with UV-resistant top deck
  • Inclusive fins

2021 Changes

  • Entirely new 3D top mold with a refined structure
  • Beveled rails at various positions, optimizing flex pattern for more speed and an easy release
  • New innovative Parabolic Rail Shape technology, a tucked-under-edge for more grip and better
  • upwind abilities
  • Reduced thickness in the tips for improved linear flex from the center to rails for more
  • responsiveness and faster turning
  • New aerospace grade Spread Tow Carbon reinforcement for refined rebound flex
  • Glossy UV resistant top deck for long-lasting durability
  • 100 % eco-friendly and plastic-free packaging


We entirely rebuilt the Master, our high-performance freeride to freestyle board, to exceed the
expectations of riders with a powerful style. This board is dedicated to boosting mega loops and sending
handlepass tricks. Version 3 introduces our new beveled rails, the varying thickness of the edges along
the board's outline. In the tips and the center, the rail profile is thinner. It allows the board to generate
more speed while also improving the release. A new performance-tech carbon stringer multiplies this
effect. Next to the entirely new 3D mold, the board also comes equipped with our innovative Parabolic
Rail Shape technology (PRS). The tucked-under-rail facilitates upwind-travel, runs through chop more
comfortably, and speed is further enhanced. Lastly, we refined the linear flex from the center to rails and
installed a new UV-resistant top sheet that amplifies the longevity of the board.


Master C+ is an insane board of superior excellency. It delivers unchallenged performance for all riding
? Franz Schitzhofer

Kitetyp: Freeride Freestyle
Boardkategorie: Twintips
Jahr: 2021
Hersteller: Eleveight


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