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Eleveight Process Carbon Plus 2021

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Eleveight Process Carbon Plus 2021


Made with the latest performance-tech carbon, the Process C+ is ultra-dynamic and responsive, ideal for aggressive boosts and powerful carves.



  • High-performance full carbon freeride twin tip with progressive flex
  • Innovative parabolic rail shape for better rail grip and upwind ability
  • Ultra-light carbon construction for powerful riding
  • Progressive channel design for exceptional control in high speeds
  • Equipped with Airgo2 pads and straps and 45mm G10 fins

2021 First Release

  • 100 % eco-friendly and plastic-free packaging


Meet the new performance freeride board: Process C+ V1. The outline and 3D shape are identical to the
Process V4, but other than its ancestor, it features a highly advanced full carbon construction on the
inside. We fused the low-density Paulownia wood core with the latest performance-tech carbon fibers to
achieve an incredible, slightly stiffer flex pattern. The board is ideal for aggressive boosts and powerful
carves. Equipped with our highly innovative PRS technology - a parabolic rail shape design - the C+ cuts
through chop more comfortably, speed generation is enhanced, and the ease of upwind-travel is
improved. For optimal linear flex between center and rails, we kept the thickness of the board's tips
slender. No matter the conditions, the Process C+ delivers an ultra-dynamic and playful ride.


The Process C+ ensures that you get the most out of any session. You'll have infinite performance at the
tip of your toes.
? Franz Schitzhofer

Airgo Straps

The Airgo V2 bindings feature anti-slip EVA pads with two adjustable straps to embrace your feet, offering a
snug yet comfortable fit, full control, and the cushioning of chop and landings.


  • Snug and comfortable fit for grip and control
  • Smart design for easy and fast assembling
  • Diverse stance options to suit any rider
  • Highly adjustable to fit any foot
  • 3D footbed cushions chop and hard landings


  • Complete redesign of the base plate and straps
  • Added adjustment options to align the base plate (stance width, foot angle, rail-to-rail-alignment)
  • Adjustable strap angle and toe ridge
  • Variable strap width
  • Double strap for ergonomic fit to any foot shape
  • Easy and fast assembling and adjusting
  • 100 % eco-friendly and plastic-free packaging


Kitetyp: Freeride
Boardkategorie: Twintips
Jahr: 2021
Hersteller: Eleveight


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