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Eleveight RS 2021

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Eleveight RS 2021


The RS is a highly versatile delta-hybrid powerhouse designed for limitless freeride performance and distinctive surf and freestyle characteristics.



  • Three-strut delta-hybrid kite for high-performance freeriding
  • Tailor-made for versatile performance, in all riding styles
  • Designed to cover massive wind range and easy upwind travel
  • Ultra-stable construction, perfect for riding in any condition
  • Precise, fast, and smooth turning characteristics

2021 Changes

  • Redesigned bridle geometry for more kite feedback and reduced bar pressure
  • New alignment of strut tips reduces drag for enhanced flight speed
  • Smaller leading edge wingtip diameter for more responsiveness
  • Ultra-light load diffusers decrease weight and improve the canopy shape
  • Reworked trailing edge with anti-vibration patches for longevity and weight reduction


The highly efficient delta-hybrid design with a medium to high aspect ratio delivers outstanding freeride
performance while enabling riders also to chase waves and pop freestyle tricks. Version 4 is packed with
nifty features that enhance the performance even further. The kite delivers more feedback due to the
shorter bridle geometry, while the reduced bar pressure minimizes the strain on the forearms. A new
alignment of the tip struts decreases drag, resulting in faster flight speed and turning characteristics. We
also updated the leading edge wingtip diameter, making the kite quicker to respond to steering impulses.
Our new ultra-light load diffusers as well as the fully redesigned trailing edge with smart anti-vibration
patches, ax unnecessary weight, while improving stability and longevity. The new RS gets everyone
psyched in seconds.


The design and construction of the RS deliver a hefty grunt throughout a massive wind range. It's also
– Peter Stiewe