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Ezzy Hookipa RDM Mast 91% Carbon

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Ezzy Hookipa RDM Mast 91% Carbon 2021

Way back in 1999, we were the first sail company to develop and sell RDM masts. Twenty years later, the Ezzy mast has become the industry standard for performance and durability.

We developed the “mix and match” system that allows you to combine different length tops and bottoms. This means fewer masts in your quiver and better performance. Every one of our tops and bottoms is interchangeable with each other and backwards compatible with every year mast we have ever made. Our masts bend in a standard constant curve, which fits every Ezzy sail as well as sails from most other brands.

We have two mast lines:
1) The Hookipa at 91% carbon that is all about top performance
2) The Legacy XT, a more economic mast at 60% carbon

Both masts have the same bend curve and are interchangeable with each other, so you can combine a Legacy top with a Hookipa bottom, or vice versa.

Over the years, windsurfers have learned to trust the Ezzy mast for both its strength and its performance. That’s why our masts are found at the most demanding beaches all around the world.


Length (cm) Carbon (%) Weight (kg) Curve Stiffness
340 91 1,46 Constant curve 62% - 77%
370 91 1,60 Constant curve 62% - 77%
400 91 1,71 Constant curve 62% - 77%
430 91 1,98 Constant curve 62% - 77%
460 91 2,23 Constant curve 62% - 77%
490 91 2,32 Constant curve 62% - 77%

Brands: Ezzy Sails
Year: 2021