Fanatic AllWave LTD 2018

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Fanatic AllWave LTD 2018

Wherever you decide to take it, the AllWave delivers easy-peasy surfing action with surprisingly radical performance attributes. Available in four sizes ? from the snappy 8?9? to the floaty 9?8? ? we guarantee unbeatable fun in all types of waves.

The 2018 AllWave range ensures the easiest possible entry into the waves. The fast rocker line and stable stance offer straightforward wave catching characteristics and good speed, allowing you to focus 100 % on the wave. The four sizes increase in length ? with minimal additional width ? to guarantee a smooth flow all the way through the models for the heavier riders. Whether conditions are choppy, small and testing, or clean overhead walls, the AllWave is the perfect tool for enjoyment, ease and progression.

AllWave LTD 8'9" AllWave LTD 9'0'' AllWave LTD 9'4'' AllWave LTD 9'8''
Volume Volume Volume Volume
145 l 159 l 173 l 187 l
Width Width Width Width
32?/ 81.3 cm 32?/ 81.3 cm 33? / 83.8 cm 33? / 83.8 cm
Length Length Length Length
8?9?/ 266.7 cm 9?0?/ 274.3 cm 9?4? / 284.5 cm 9'8" / 294.6 cm
Weight Weight Weight Weight
8,7 kg 9,4 kg 9,6 kg 10,15 kg
Recommended User Weight Recommended User Weight Recommended User Weight Recommended User Weight
80-95 kg 85-95 kg 90-100 kg 95-105 kg
Mastfoot Insert Mastfoot Insert Mastfoot Insert Mastfoot Insert
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Hersteller: Fanatic
Jahr: 2018