Fanatic Fly Pure Light 2018

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Fanatic FLY Pure Light 2018

The Fly is the quintessential SUP range for everyone. From newbie to the more experienced paddler, the Fly?s all-round shape provides an effortless and smooth glide across flat water, performing well in small to mid-sized waves. SUP is fun on the Fly!

Evolved from the early days of the sport, these shapes cater to all levels of experience. From those first steps onto a SUP, all the way through to those with decades of experience, the Fly family comes in a broad range of sizes and constructions to accommodate every individual?s needs. Starting with the 9?6? for lighter?/?medium weight riders, going up to the super stable and floaty 11?2? for the greatest deal of buoyancy. A great platform for entry-level riders, the Fly line is classic with performance characteristics that you can enjoy for years to come.

Fly Pure 9'6'' Fly Pure 10'6'' Fly Pure 11'2''
Volume Volume Volume
151 l 177 l 236 l
Width Width Width
31? / 78.7 cm 31? / 78.7 cm 34? / 86.4 cm
Length Length Length
9?6? / 289.6 cm 10?6? / 320 cm 11?2? / 340.4 cm
Weight Weight Weight
10,30 kg 11,80 kg 13,45 kg
Recommended User Weight Recommended User Weight Recommended User Weight
45-80 kg 65-88 kg 88-105+ kg
Mastfoot Insert Mastfoot Insert Mastfoot Insert
x x x

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Hersteller: Fanatic
Jahr: 2018