Fanatic FreeWave STB TE 2018

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Fanatic FreeWave TE 2017

Last season we introduced the Stubby. This year we took our development a step further and crossed it with elements of the FreeWave into this unbelievable hybrid of pure joy! Evolving ideas with complementing concepts means that the FreeWave STB doesn?t only look hot, it's a hot performer that you're just going to love!

New For 2017

  • Straighter, more parallel rails for reduced drag and a cleaner waterline
  • Shorter and wider ?Stubby-Style? nose ? for reduced swing weight, fast change of direction, plenty of surface area for early planing and ease of use when jumping and tacking
  • Wide double diamond tail for planing power
  • Reduced center width for speed and a straighterrail ow
  • Trim and stance moved backwards to adapt to the board?s length, tail width and rocker line for snappy turning
  • Larger Thruster n setup matching the board?s tail for incredible lift, drive and upwind performance
  • Constant V with slight double concave for easy and controlled planing, as well as comfort in choppy conditions
  • Full rails for stability, thin tail provides grip through turns
  • Slight tow-in side ns for ideal water flow with minimum drag
  • Power Box center fin with Slot Box side ns, plus Slot Box covers to switch between single- and multi fin use

FreeWave STB TE 85 FreeWave STB TE 95 FreeWave STB TE 105 FreeWave STB TE 115
Volumen Volumen Volumen Volumen
85 l 95 l 105 l 115 l
Breite Breite Breite Breite
57.5 cm 60 cm 62.5 cm 65 cm
Länge Länge Länge Länge
225 cm 227 cm 229 cm 231 cm
Gewicht Gewicht Gewicht Gewicht
TBA 6,40 kg TBA TBA
Details Details Details Details
Power Box + 2x SlotBox 13cm / 1x 18cm PB_Base 1.5cm / 2x MFC TF Black 12cm Power Box + 2x SlotBox 13cm / 1x 19cm PB_Base 1.5cm / 2x MFC TF Black 12cm Power Box + 2x SlotBox 13cm / 1x 20cm PB_Base 1.5cm / 2x MFC TF Black 12cm Power Box + 2x SlotBox 13cm / MFC 30cm G10 PB_Base 1.5cm
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< 6.0 m² < 6.2m² < 6.8 m² < 7.5 m²

Hersteller: Fanatic
Jahr: 2018