Fanatic ISUP Ripper Race 2015

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Fanatic Sup Ripper Race 10.0 2015

Volume180 l

Width 26 "/ 66 cm

Length 10.0 / 304.8 cm

Thickness 4.5 / 11.5 cm

Weight 7.60 kg

Recommended User Weight < 60 kg

FittingsRace Air 20 cm RTM; US Center Box


    Full Double Layer Light Technology for the stiffest and lightest ride possible (Ripper Race)
    Light weight and top quality Stringer Technology (Ripper Air)
    Unmatched air pressure / stiffness due to quality materials and manufacturing process
    Removable Center Fin ? zero tools needed
    Quality diamond grooving footpad, comfy handle,new towing eyelets
    Integrated deck net supplied for storage on deck (Ripper Race)
    New ergonomic Fanatic Power Pump
    Top quality Wheely Backpack with easy entry zip for simple storage and transport, padded shoulder straps, waist belt and accessory compartments (Ripper Race)
    Comfy all-in backpack with padded straps, belts and compartments (Ripper Air)

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Hersteller: Fanatic
Jahr: 2015