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Fanatic Ray Air Premium/Pure SUP Set 2022

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Fanatic Ray Air Premium/Pure SUP Set 2021


SUP Set including Fanatic Ray Air Premium, Pure 3-Piece Paddle, Power Pump HP2, Premium Bag and Leash

The Ray Air is our inflatable touring SUP that has sleek lines and immense glide, making it the ideal partner for exploring miles of coastline, lakes, channels or rivers.

It’s generous volume and maximised waterline combine stability and straight-line performance, while the optimised thickness offers great rigidity for effortless paddling. New for 2020, we expanded the range (11’6 & 12’6’’) with a larger 13’6’’ option; its high volume is ideal for both bigger riders, and those looking to do longer tours with more baggage on board.

All three boards come in our premium technology offering upgrades such as: industry leading DL Light technology, Fanatic Click fin, wheely Backpack and mast foot insert for windsurfing.


Board Ray Air Premium 11'6'' x 31'' Ray Air Premium 12'6'' x 32'' Ray Air Premium 13'6'' x 35''
Volume 299 l 339 l 400 l
Width 31'' / 78.7 cm 32'' / 81.3 cm 35'' / 88.9 cm
Length 11'6'' / 350.5 cm 12'6'' / 381 cm 13'6'' / 411.5 cm
Thickness 6'' / 15 cm 6'' / 15 cm 6'' / 15 cm
Weight 8.15 kg 12.25 kg 14.65 kg
Fittings 1x US Box / 1x Race Air / 20 cm 1x US Box / 1x Race Air / 20 cm 1x US Box / 1x Race Air / 20 cm
Recommended User Weight Up to 110 kg Up to 120 kg Up to 130 kg
Mastfoot Insert Yes Yes Yes
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