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Fanatic Skate TE 2021

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Fanatic Skate TE 2021

Icon meets Icon! The legendary optics of Fanatics late 80’s Ultra Boa gives the final touch to the 2021 Ultra Skate – one of our 40YRS anniversary models. The record World Title winning Skate has shaped the past, present and future of modern freestyle.

The Skate is the exact board of 9x PWA Freestyle World Champ Gollito Estredo and 2018 Vice World Champ Adrien Bosson! It delivers explosive acceleration and top speed, leading to massive pop for dizzying spins & rotations. The compact shape ensures you can land the move in complete control, ready to turn or pop again.

The low nose is forgiving for sliding moves, while the powerful tail ensures you maintain speed while going switch or hunting down your next stunt ramp.

Shaped for zero compromise, the Skate will bring you to the next level, no matter what your desire is. Rotate, slide, rinse & repeat – the ocean is your skatepark.

Bottom shape

Power V bottom shape for constant control and easy sliding

Compact shape

More compact and with less nose area for reduced swing weight and even faster rotations

Footstrap Options

Double footstrap inserts for maximum load and adjustable stance settings for tighter or personal preference

Power Box

Power Box for maximum durability in shallow waters

Quick Rocker

Super quick rocker line for instant top speed

Soft Rails

Soft nose rails for smooth transition into sliding moves

Tail Shape

Finely tuned tail shape for fastest acceleration and a livelier, quicker reaction

arch support

Feedback and comfort provided by the integrated arch support in the tail pad


Grippy and shock absorbing dual density diamond grooving footpads

Board Skate TE 85 Skate TE 92 Skate TE 99 Skate TE 108
Volume 85 l 92 l 99 l 108 l
Width 60 cm 62 cm 65 cm 66.5 cm
Length 225 cm 220 cm 225 cm 226 cm
Weight 6.25 kg (5% tolerance
6.45 kg (5% tolerance
6.55 kg (5% tolerance
6.85 kg (5% tolerance
Fittings Power Box / CF Starfish
17.5 cm
Power Box / CF Starfish
18.5 cm
Power Box / CF Starfish
20 cm
Power Box / CF Starfish
22 cm
Rec. Sail size Up to 5.3 m² Up to 5.9 m² Up to 6.2 m² Up to 6.7 m²


Hersteller: Fanatic
Windsurfboard - Shape: FreeStyle
Jahr: 2021



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