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Fanatic Stylemaster Pure Light 2018

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Fanatic Stylemaster Pure Light 2018

If you?re into the classic style of Longboard surfing, then this beauty will win you over with the first wave you catch. Easy to paddle, its endless flow and insane glide will let you get creative with your ride.

As a classic noserider, this board is more influenced by Longboard surfing than any other board in our range. Easy to paddle, its super advanced surfing potential allows the deepest carves with a smooth flow, whilst you style up and down the wave with your toes hanging loose. The wide nose leaves plenty of room for creative riding and adds incredible wave catching potential. Available in our beautiful and supreme Custom Bamboo Sandwich construction as well as Pure Light technology in the sporty length of 9?0?, the classic 10?0? and the all-new floaty 10?6?.


Stylemaster Pure 9" x 29" Stylemaster Pure 10'0'' x 30" Stylemaster Pure 10'6'' x 31"
Volume Volume Volume
115 l 135 l 155 l
Width Width Width
29? / 73.7 cm 30? / 76.2 cm 31? / 78.7 cm
Length Length Length
9'0? / 274.3 cm 10?0? / 304.8 cm 10?6" / 320 cm
Weight Weight Weight
8,90 kg 10,05 kg TBA
Recommended User Weight Recommended User Weight Recommended User Weight
50-80 kg 65-95 kg 75-105 kg
Mastfoot Insert Mastfoot Insert Mastfoot Insert
x x x

Hersteller: Fanatic
SUP-Boards: feste SUP Wave
Jahr: 2018


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