Fanatic Tandem Air 2017/18

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Fanatic Tandem Air 2017

Why go alone when you can have double the fun! Take a loved one, a youngster or simply your best mate onboard, and enjoy the ride with a two stroke engine!

SUP lovers and Windsurf enthusiasts will get equal enjoyment out of our brand new Tandem iSUP. Our Double Layer HD Technology creates maximum stiffness with an ideal weight : durability ratio for these 16 feet of fun. Take from a SUP and turn it into a Windsurf Tandem through the removable center and rear fins, and the two mastfoot inserts. For easy transportation, we?ve developed a Premium Bag for the Tandem Air, including our new Fanatic Power Pump HP2 for quick and easy inflation.

SUP-Boards: Allround aufblasbare SUP
Hersteller: Fanatic
Jahr: 2018 2017