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Fanatic Ultra Grip TE Mosquito Edition 2021

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Fanatic Ultra Grip TE Mosquito Edition 2021


The Ultra Grip Mosquito Edition celebrates Fanatics 40th anniversary with a blend of iconic graphics from our history combined with the most successful wave shape of today!

The highly adaptable Grip enables you to ride your wave – your way, without compromise. Fast and loose, the range of six shapes achieves the ultimate goal: waveriding performance with immediate response, combined with great accessibility, speed and early planing.
Through last year’s subtle changes to the outline, tail width and bottom shape, the Grip offers a new level of looseness and control – particularly in down the line conditions. The most versatile waveboard we’ve ever produced works well in sloppy waves - and it will blow your mind when your spot turns on!


  • Bottom Shape - High top speed and excellent comfort in chop, thanks to the double concave/V bottom shape. Increased V in nose section lifts rails for better turning and response on the front foot
  • Flat deck, great for stability in lighter winds
  • Works well also in poor conditions, excels in good conditions
  • Comfortable and easy to adjust Fanatic Premium Footstraps


Board Grip TE 68 Grip TE 75 Grip TE 82 Grip TE 86 Grip TE 92 Grip TE 102
Volume 68 l 75 l 82 l 86 l 92 l 102 l
Widthg 54 cm 56 cm 58 cm 58.5 cm 59.5 cm 61 cm
Length 220 cm 222 cm 224 cm 225 cm 226 cm 228 cm
Weight 5.97 kg 6.38 kg 6.57 kg 6.76 kg 7 kg 7.35 kg
Fittings 4x Slot Box 13 cm / 2x
CF 9 cm, 2x 14 cm
5x Slot Box 13 cm / 2x
CF 9.5 cm, 2x 14.5 cm
5x Slot Box 13 cm / 2x
CF 9.5 cm, 2x 14.5 cm
5x Slot Box 13 cm / 2x
CF 9.5 cm, 2x 14.5 cm
5x Slot Box 13 cm / 2x
CF 9.5 cm, 2x 14.5 cm
5x Slot Box 13 cm / 2x
CF 9.5 cm, 2x 14.5 cm
Rec. Sailsize Up to 5.0 Up to 5.3 Up to 5.8 Up to 6.0 Up to 6.2 Up to 6.5

Brands: Fanatic
Windsurfboard Size: 91-100 L 101-110 L
Year: 2020 2021

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