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Flysurfer Size Guide

Flysurfer SONIC 3

High-performance freeride, airstyle, light wind

The SONIC sets new standards as a high performance kite and gives you an extremely gripping flight feeling. The manifested dream of every kite expert, the balance of biting aggressiveness and fine control, equipped with FLYSURFER power that makes you addicted. Sporty, fast and fascinating, designed to defy the laws of physics.

The combination of lightweight construction, durability and optimal power distribution. The top and bottom sail is made of 32 g / m² X-Light, the leading edge of 44 g / m² DLX+ cloth. The X-Light makes the construction stiffer and improves the feedback and smooth pull of the kite. The DLX+ increases durability and protects against abrasion. The intricate internal construction of ribs and tapes with reinforced suspension points distributes the load evenly over the entire wing. The Little Connection Lines (LCL) serve as predetermined breaking points and facilitate the replacement of bridle lines. All components of the SONIC are designed for maximum performance in any terrain.

PMA (profile momentum adjuster)
The flight characteristics of the kite can be greatly influenced with the PMAs. Stability, turning and asymmetries can be changed or compensated quickly and efficiently. The PMAs are sewn to five ribs each of the B-plane on the left and right wing span. Reach into the air inlets to achieve a small knot ladder on the kite's top and bottom sails. By shortening the knot ladder, the profile momentum can be adjusted or asymmetry can be compensated. We recommend the help of a FLYSURFER distributor to make adjustments.

ADS (automatic drainage system)
Safety plays a central role in the development of our products. The automatic drainage system is an important part for your confidence in the softkite system. The interior and material selection of a FLYSURFER kite is optimized to absorb as little water as possible and provide a relaxed relaunch in case of a long watering. This feature sets us apart from the competition, allows for launching in deep water and gives you the confidence to relaunch our kites in the lightest breeze.

Maintenance - Long Mixer Test
The long mixer test can be performed by comparing the lengths of the marked bridle lines to the front and back main (see line diagram) to compensate for deviations at the bridle over the mixer. Adjustments should be made after intensive use to maintain product performance.

The Mixer
The individual planes of the kite are controlled by the mixer with different ratios and thus influence the angle of attack and profile curvature. It is also adjustable to compensate for stretching or shortening of lines and to ensure many years of use.

MPI (max pressure air intake)
The Max Pressure Air Intake is integrated into the leading edge and provides maximum ram pressure in our FLYSURFER foil kites. Fast inflation during launch is necessary to gain full control of the kite as soon as possible.

Brands: Flysurfer
Kite Size: 13.0m
Type of Kite: FoilFreeride
Year: 2020

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