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GA IQ Free SUP inflatable 2018

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Gaastra IQ FREE SUP inflatable 2018

The IQ FREE are highly versatile performance boards. The 10.7 with 33inch width and 5?inch thickness is the smallest board in
our IQ FREE collection with 270 litres of volume. The board provides great stability whilst maintaining incredible stiffness through the IQ s DRS Construction.
It is a fantastic board optimised for longboard wave riding with the added comfort of extra volume and stability.

Continuing the IQ FREE range, the next size up is the 10.9 and comes with 6inch thickness with 285 litres of volume.

The largest in the IQ FREE range is the 11.1 with 300 litres of volume. The 11.1 maintains a thickness of 6inch ensuring the maximum stability.
The 11.1 is the perfect board for heavyweight riders who want a high-performance board.
With the large surface area and volume, it is also the perfect practical board for first timers.
This large IQ FREE is the closest you can get to a touring board whilst still maintaining its all-round abilities in waves and stability.

Includes fins, pump, repair set and bag.

    Thruster fin setup
    Secure -lock in- inflation valve
    US Box Fin
    New Double-Rail- Construction ? Double layered rails to maximise stiffness
    EVA pad on deck
    Soft handle for convenient board carrying
    Heavy duty leash attachment on nose and tail
    Tall high pressure pump designed for ease of use
    Comfortable heavy duty backpack with pockets for extra storage options
    Easy-to-use repair set
    On deck rope storage system

Model Vol. Length Width Thickness
IQ Free 10.7 270L 10.7/ 315 cm 33" / 82.5 cm 6" / 15 cm

Hersteller: Gaastra / GA
SUP-Boards: aufblasbare SUP
Jahr: 2018


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