Gaastra 30% Mast SDM 2010

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Gaastra 30
Beginners and intermediates will appreciate the new slightly reduced diameter making sails easier to rig. Increased wall thickness gives optimum durability that delivers performance.
Size Code Carbon Weight IMCS Surface Bag
370 1 30% 1.60 17 IPS* on base No
400 2 30% 1.95 19 IPS* on base No
430 3 30% 2.20 21 IPS* on base No
460 4 30% 2.80 25 IPS* on base No
490 5 30% 2.85 29 IPS* on base No
* IPS - The Invisible Polyamid Surface Our Proven IPS system shows its strength having a successful two years of solid performance. The invisible barrier from a patented ?Prepreg Force Tank? takes durability and light weight to a new standard. The mast is sealed with a polyamid surface coating making the mast 100% scratch and dent resistant. The strength of our ?Gold & Silver series? masts has been tested and proven by our team in the most intense sailing conditions.