Gaastra Matrix 2016

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?Easy to rig, lighter and stronger then ever

? this is the ultimate freeride machine.

The Matrix is our freeride favourite! Each size is equipped with 6 battens and no cams, combining a light gentle rotation with a strong secure skeleton, which provides forgiveness for a novice rider and exhilaration for the expert.
We wanted to give the Matrix a little tune-up for 2016, so we added a small luff curve change to the top half of the sail, creating more race twist to the leech and opening up the very head of the sail. This has translated into a higher KMH top end speed. An increase to the shaping in the front third of the sail and a new batten profiling has enabled us to lock down this new improved horsepower you will find at your fingertips. A new panel layout with fewer seams makes the sail stronger and lighter.

We have the posi leech system as well to keep the pull even and balanced.

The Matrix is still as easy and fun to sail as ever before. With so many fine attributes, the Matrix finishes top of her class. Yet it is still simple plug-and-play incarnate. Stable and light handling with a new injection of performance all rolled into one great sail.
This no cam rig can race like a slalom sail, turn like a wave sail and put a smile on anyone?s face! Easy to rig ? lighter and stronger then ever ? this is the ultimate freeride machine.

Hersteller: Gaastra / GA
Jahr: 2016