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Goya Hundred Pro SDM 100% Mast 2020

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Goya Hundred Pro SDM 100% Mast 2020


100% Carbon. The premium Race and performance oriented Freeride mast. This is your go-to mast when speed and lightweight are your top priority. The Hundred Pro is a no-compromise product, built for racing, developed by racers. No doubt this mast works just a beautifully on Freeride sails but where it shines is when being paired with the Mark Pro or Mark 2 Pro. The purpose of SDM masts being to create stiffness with larger diameter rather than increased wall thickness, you get the same bend with less weight in SDM.

Pairing Diagonal Flex? technology with an all carbon SDM mast is just about as perfect as it gets, but again, this is not the most rugged mast in our line, you have to treat it with a little tender loving care, and it is not intended for use in waves. Follow those simple rules and your rewards will be extraordinary.


Comes in Diagonal Flex? technology.

Mast Length (cm) Diameter IMCS Carbon Bottom Bend Top Bend Tech Weight (kg) Color
Hundred Pro SDM 430 SDM 21 100% 63% 77% Pregreg Carbon 1,58 White
Hundred Pro SDM 460 SDM 26 100% 63% 77% Pregreg Carbon 1,87 White
Hundred Pro SDM 490 SDM 30 100% 63% 77% Pregreg Carbon 2,06 White

Hersteller: Goya
Jahr: 2020


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