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Goya Seventy Pro SDM 70% Mast 2021

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Goya Seventy Pro SDM 70% Mast 2020


70% Carbon. A wonderful Freerace and Freeride mast. Rewarding performance and true value. The Seventy is a great line of all-around masts in that they come in both RDM and SDM diameters. If you prefer SDM, this mast is for you. The purpose of SDM masts being to create stiffness with larger diameter rather than increased wall thickness, you get the same bend with less weight in SDM. Especially casual flatwater riders will hence enjoy this popular mast offering good response and a light feel. Excellent performance and beautiful fit and finish combined to create true value.

When you ride this mast you can be at ease that it has undergone the same quality control standards that every other Goya product has to live up to. You ride what we ride. And we like our gear to deliver and last.


Peel Ply anti-slip boom area prevents sliding.
Built with same length sections for easy handling.

Mast Length (cm) Diameter IMCS Carbon Bottom Bend Top Bend Tech Weight (kg) Color
Sventy Pro SDM 430 SDM 21 70% 64% 78% Pregreg Carbon 1,99 Pastel Rose
Sventy Pro SDM 460 SDM 26 70% 64% 77% Pregreg Carbon 2,12 Pastel Rose
Sventy Pro SDM 490 SDM 30 70% 64% 77% Pregreg Carbon 2,35 Pastel Rose
Hersteller: Goya
Jahr: 20202021