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It´s not always easy to find the correct size for your new wetsuit or harness! Here you will find the size charts of our top brands and you can check what should be the best
size for you. If you still have trouble finding the perfect size for you  don´t hesitate to give us a call or send us a mail so we can check together what would be your perfect size!

Brand: Link:
Mystic https://www.mysticboarding.com/sizechart
ION https://www.ion-products.com/sizechart-water/
NP/ Neil Pryde https://www.npsurf.com/pages/size-chart
Xcel Wetsuits https://www.xcelwetsuits.com/page/help/fit-sizing
Ride Engine https://www.rideengine.de/groessentabelle/
Prolimit https://www.prolimit.com/size-chart/
Rip Curl https://www.ripcurl.eu/de/help/size-guides.html
Manera https://www.manera.com/en/sizecharts.html


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