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ION Gearbag CORE basic (no wheels) red 139 2020

Artikelnummer: 48900-7019 red 139

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ION Gearbag CORE basic (no wheels) 2020

The Gearbag CORE BASIC is the perfect solution for short trips or when you?re traveling ?light? gear-wise. Providing space for 1 board and 2 kites, this lightweight top loader makes packing and traveling a walk in the park. Plus, it comes with a super handy, little tool bag so that you can make better use of your time at the destination?go for a beer or take a nap instead of ?finding spare parts and all the bits and pieces? to set up your gear. Happy travels!

Sizes: 139
Max. Board Size: 140x43 cm
Bag Outside: 142x45x30cm
Weight: 2,13

Hersteller: ION


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