JP ExplorAir 200 2018

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Windsurf Inflatable


Inflatables have clear advantages over hardboards: they are super comfortable and user friendly as they are easy to transport and store. So far, their only real disadvantage was their limited planing potential.

Now JP presents two all-new inflatable windsurf boards which are specially developed and tuned for planing!

The specially developed, super clean hard rails are covered by a fiber reinforced layer of PVC cloth and create a smooth and efficient water release. Thus, the boards plane freely, accelerate willingly and reach good speed with little drag ? similar as you know it from freeride hardboards. You?ll be surprised how much fun they are!

The best possible compromise between appealing performance and ultimate comfort. The uncompromised advantages of an inflatable come paired with planing fun that comes close to that of a hardboard.
German SURF wrote: JP has set a new bench mark with the MagicAir. It is the first inflatable board which is able to challenge heavy hard boards in light winds.


These boards plane so easily. You?ll be surprised how much fun it is to play and perform on these boards.

The soft and comfy feel will immediately put a smile on your face. And your grin will get broader once the wind is strong enough to pass the planing barrier.

In the past, one of the biggest planing handicaps of inflatables was their super-rounded rail in the tail area which caused a water flow disruption and the boards were literally sucked down and held back by the water.

Now, the specially developed hard rails prevent such stalling and turbulences, but create a smooth and efficient water release. These inflatables now plane freely, accelerate willingly and reach good speed with little drag ? similar as you know it from conventional freeride boards.

Other brands also have hard rails but we have developed a super clean solution and the edges are more or less indestructible as they are covered by a fiber reinforced layer of PVC.

You would not expect an inflatable board to sail that fast but the stiffness provided by the Pre Laminated Triple Layer Composite Drop Stitch, the Fiber Reinforced Stringers and the Triple-Layer Rails will surprise and convince you otherwise.

The special Powerbox proves to be very stiff and powerful. It does neither twist nor waste any lift. With your feet in the straps, all the sail power is transferred into speed.

The board comes with four easy-to-mount footstraps and offers strap positions for advanced riders and footstrap beginners.

Regarding early planing, upwind and top end performance these boards are very close to hard boards.

The fact that they are slightly softer than hard boards makes them great jibers. The boards can give a bit in the turn ? almost providing the feeling of a self-adapting rocker line.


The boards are covered with a large EVA sheet adding grip for a safe stance. This combined with the softness of the boards makes them super comfortable to ride!
You also don?t worry about making mistakes anymore because you won?t get hurt when falling on it. Not only novices to windsurfing and planing will be stoked by this comfort but everyone practicing maneuvers and pushing their own skills.


Rolled up, the boards fit into a backpack ? no more need for a roof rack for transport and no big garage for storage.
In times when airlines are hesitant to accept windsurf equipment, the boards? backbag dimensions and weights are a major advantage!


The volumes are 150 Liters (MagicAir) and 200 Liters (ExplorAir), however these are not the actual volumes of the boards but are the volumes of comparable (similar length and width) hardboards.
The actual volumes are ~200 Liters (MagicAir) and ~240 Liters (ExplorAir).


The dimensions of the smaller MagicAIR resemble those of a modern freeride shape. Accordingly it has a similar performance providing the feeling of a shorter board.
It addresses the intermediate to advanced sailor with mainly planing on his mind. Nevertheless, it has more volume than a hardboard of the same size, making it easier and more forgiving.
The MagicAIR doesn?t come with a center fin and box, but this can be acquired as a glue-on accessory and the board already has a positioning advice for this extra fin box.


Targeting beginners and intermediates, the ExplorAIR is very big and wide with lots of volume. On this super stable hull the newcomer to the sport is able to learn all the basics and to improve quickly.
Beginners and intermediates will appreciate the center fin which provides directional stability, reduces the lee way and creates lift to go upwind. Its huge planing area can push the advanced rider onto a plane early and easily. Being longer than the normal Explorers also helps with going upwind due to its longer waterline.
The carrying handle adds to the comfort.


Pre-Laminated Triple-Layer Composite Drop-Stitch technology with Triple-Layer Rail and Top and Bottom Fiber Reinforced Stringers Hard Rail covered by fiber reinforced PVC


* Molded freeride Powerbox fin
* Pump
* Repair set
* User manual
* Backpack
* tow-ring
* EVA deck
* mastfoot insert

The boards come with four easy-to-mount footstraps and
offer strap positions for advanced riders and footstrap beginners.


Hersteller: JP
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Jahr: 2018