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JP Free Foil ES 2020

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JP Free Foil ES 2020


JP’s unique foil all-rounder ! Apparently the market has been waiting eagerly for this concept as the sales started brilliantly. These very compact shapes have little to no limitations regarding the range of use and suit the whole windsurf foil community because fun is their main target. Everybody will be able to enjoy foiling as easily as possible – in every aspect of this new discipline. Slightly longer that comparable designs on the market, they offer more ease and accessibility. And now, novelties upgrade this line: Specially adapted to wing foiling, the boards now feature an elongated pad and additional footstrap plugs further forward. The brand-new, small model, the 105, suits lighter riders and everybody who wants a more playful and nimble toy. The board to enjoy foil fun – easy!


+ Covers the wides possible range of foiling
+ Balance between easy handling, pace and control when foiling
+ Foil-Tuttlebox: Foil approved fin boxes - specially reinforced for foils with Deep Tuttlebox bases & 2 long track boxes (U.S.)
+ Footstrap with scale for easy adjustment to the foot size
+ New wing-foil strap options and accordingly elongated pad.
+ Parabolic Rail Construction (LXT)

Model 115 130
Length (cm) 204 207
Width (cm) 70 77
Volume (l) 115 130
Weight (kg) 9,3 +/- 8% 10,2 +/- 8%
Fin box Foil-Tuttlebox & 2 long track boxes Foil-Tuttlebox & 2 long track boxes
Rec. sail size <6.5 <7.0
Ideal sail size <5.8 <6.5

Hersteller: JP Australia
Windsurfboard - Shape: Foiling
Jahr: 2020



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