JP Freestyle Pro 2020

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JP Freestyle Pro 2020

Vier hochmoderne Freestyle-Designs mit modernen, kurzen und kompakten Shapes -  das fantastische Handling ist für das JP-Team-Fahrer Inspiration zu immer neuen Moves und einem radikaleren Style. Die sportlichen Boards gleiten schnell an und bieten eine unerreichte Beschleunigung. Diese Eigenschaften sind die Voraussetzung, um in kleinen Competition Areas maximal zu performen. Das gute Sprungverhalten ermöglicht einzigartige Big Stunts und Double Moves.

Four state of the art Freestyle designs in a modern, compact short board shape. Their awesome handling inspires the JP team riders to come up with new moves and a more radical style of sailing all the time. The lively boards are quick to plane with rapid acceleration and these sprint qualities are the prerequisite to perform in the small, limited competition areas. They jump very well which helps to pull-off all the big stunts and double moves. Awesome boards to show your style!

Freestyle details

Our JP freestyle team had a great start to the 2019 PWA season with Julien Mas beating the 2018 World Champion and Amado Vrieswijk taking the first event title of the year in impressive style. This reflects the efficiency of the boards: Impressive, high scoring moves require fast rotations. Therefore, all the swing weight is centred close to the mast base and turning point of the board. Due to the compact setup the riders stand close to the rig in a very comfortable stance. This is very important not only for big moves but also for sailing in regular stance or when going switch. Our riders love the board?s high water position and looser ride. The V-flow in the bottom creates enormous lift underfoot and offers high top speed and instant pop.

They are stable wide platforms to cover the biggest possible range. The centred volume distribution is the basis of all our Freestyle boards. The outline is deliberately parallel in the mid-section to maximize the planing surface. The round outline towards the tail improves manoeuvrability and provides unmatched pop not just for your first jump but also for your following air moves performed during combination manoeuvres.

The sharp tuck line running from the tail to the mast area increases grip and drive allowing you to reach maximum speed instantly. Towards the nose a super soft tuck line offers an easy transition from aerial manoeuvres into sliding tricks by stopping the rail from catching.

Ready for foil action! The big news this season is that the boards now come with a reinforced Foil-Powerbox! So if you were inspired by all the crazy foil-freestyle action on social media, or you just fancy cruising around on the foil while the wind picks up enough to freestyle with a normal fin, you can now go wild with the 2020 Freestyle boards!


These compact Freestyle boards accelerate superbly for powerful jumps. The reduced length of the shapes enhances handling in all moves and speeds up all rotations. The lively and direct feel inspires confidence so that amateurs and pros alike will pull-off more moves in greater style.

85 92 101 105
Length ? cm Length ? cm Length ? cm Length ? cm
220 220 220 221

Width ? cm Width ? cm Width ? cm Width ? cm
60,5 62 64 65

Volume - Liters Volume - Liters Volume - Liters Volume - Liters
85 92 101 105

Weight ? kg Weight ? kg Weight ? kg Weight ? kg
6,1 +/- 6% 6,3 +/- 6% 6,6 +/- 6% 6,7 +/- 6%

Fin Fin Fin Fin
Freestyle 17 G10 CNC Freestyle 18 G10 CNC Freestyle 19.5 G10 CNC Freestyle 21.5 G10 CNC

Fin box Fin box Fin box Fin box
Foil-Powerbox Foil-Powerbox Foil-Powerbox Foil-Powerbox

Rec. sail size Rec. sail size Rec. sail size Rec. sail size
<5.4 <5.8 4.0-5.8 4.8-6.5

Ideal sail size Ideal sail size Ideal sail size Ideal sail size
< 5.0 < 5.2 4.2-5-4 4.8-6.2

Hersteller: JP Australia
Windsurfboard - Shape: FreeStyle
Jahr: 2020



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