JP Hydrofoil Pro 2020

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JP Hydrofoil Pro 2020

JP hat als eine der ersten Windsurf-Marken spezialisierte Boards zum Foilen eingeführt und bietet 6 spezielle Foilboards in 3 unterschiedlichen Technologien an. Die Boards sind seit ihrer Einführung sehr erfolgreich und eignen sich für Windsurfer jedes Levels, vom Anfänger bis zum wettkamporientierten Racer. Die Modelle 105, 120 und 150 bleiben als schnelle Allround-Freefoil-Boards unverändert, während das 135 als Wegbereiter der HydroFoil-Board-Linie ein Update erhalten hat, das es komfortabler und einfacher macht. Die beiden größten Modelle werden ständig angepasst und erneuert, um bei PWA und Formula Foil-Events an der Spitze zu bleiben.

JP was one of the first leading windsurf brands to introduce specialised boards for foiling and offers a line of six dedicated foil boards in three different technologies. Popular since their introduction, the boards are perfect for all levels of foil windsurfers from first timers to competitive racers. The 105, 120 and 150 remain unchanged as fast, allround-freefoil boards, while the trailblazer of the HydroFoil board line, the 135 received an update making it more comfortable and easy. The two biggest models are constantly adjusted and renewed to stay in the lead at PWA and Formula Foil events.

Shape details

The steady nose rocker combined with a soft tuck line and bevels in the front make for a smooth and forgiving entry once the nose comes down on the water. This is essential, as many beginners tend to nosedive. The noses don’t dig into the water but will bounce back off the water and you will keep flying.

The V-angled nose bevels clear the rail from touching the water when pushing down the windward rail – especially when sailing upwind. This way, the board can be tilted and more power applied to the foil for more acceleration and speed.

The flat deck shape and the ideally positioned footstraps make for an upright stance to control the power of the foil.

Volume and width help to lift the boards out of the water early.

The tail cut-outs reduce the volume in the tail. These cut outs also make it easier to get flying earlier by being able to push the wide tail down easily and ‘pump the foil’ during take-off.

105 and 120:
Very short, lively and exciting, they are the right tools to explore new boundaries of the sport – for higher winds, small sails and advanced riders. No limitations: Free your mind, be innovative, these shapes will take you there. Compared to the big boards, the compact boards with narrower outlines offer a more centred stance and very responsive fun feel!

The shape that started it all is now renewed: all the latest foil shape features, like the very pronounced V and V-angled bevels in the nose area, make foiling easier and more accessible for everyone. The cut-outs are re-designed to pump the board instantly onto the foil and fly. The tail is wider and the straps further outboard for more control and power over the foil. This size is well-known for being all-round, almost universal, as it covers a very wide wind and range as well as it suits most rider weights and levels.

150: Originally designed for the first PWA foil races, today the 150 can be seen as most efficient and very fast lightwind foil board. It suits heavy weights and everybody who needs to use very big sails. Compared to the latest super-wide race developments, it can be pumped onto the foil with less effort and has more freeride appeal as it is way easier to sail – especially across the wind. The additional set of inboard straps aids control when flying over chop on deep downwind courses.

Performance HydroFoil:
Reflecting a big further development of last year’s 175 and 190, both new shapes are designed for maximum performance within their race class (PWA & IFCA, Formula). They became more voluminous –especially in tail– and wider throughout, simply to create more power to balance the bigger and bigger foils which create more lift. The outboard stance on the wide deck enables you to harness the energy from the biggest race sails and foils in order to transfer it into speed.

HydroFoil details

All of the HydroFoil shapes take into consideration the different riding position compared to windsurfing with a fin and also the aerodynamic behaviour of the boards. They are adjusted to make flying over water easy, accessible, fast and fun for everyone.
And the key to this is the perfect balance, stability and great leverage towards the foil.

For the leverage, the compact designs feature a wide tail and parallel outline which helps you to control, balance and work the lift of the foil. The shortness keeps the swing weights to a minimum.

The thin profile limits the drag once airborne and creates as little resistance as possible, which is very important when you are flying because strong gusts don’t affect the stability. Your flight will be very stable and balanced.

All HydroFoil boards come with a special, reinforced Tuttle-Foilbox.


No compromise, just extremely fun boards to use!

105 120 135 150
Length – cm Length – cm Length – cm Length – cm
204 209 214 214

Width – cm Width – cm Width – cm Width – cm
70 78 85 91

Volume - Liters Volume - Liters Volume - Liters Volume - Liters
105 135 135 150

Weight – kg Weight – kg Weight – kg Weight – kg
6.7 +/- 6% 7.3 +/- 6% 7.9 +/- 6% 8.6 +/- 6%

Fin box Fin box Fin box Fin box
Foil-Tuttlebox Foil-Tuttlebox Foil-Tuttlebox Foil-Tuttlebox

Rec. sail size Rec. sail size Rec. sail size Rec. sail size
<6.0 <6.7 4.5-8.6 5.0-9.6

Ideal sail size Ideal sail size Ideal sail size Ideal sail size
< 5.5 < 6.0 5.5-8.0 6.0-9.0

Hersteller: JP Australia
Windsurfboard - Shape: Foiling
Jahr: 2020



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