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JP Super Sport LXT 2021

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JP Super Sport LXT 2021


Sticking to their proven formula of offering easy handling at incredible speed, these free-race shapes are more comfortable and easier to sail than ever. They release early, accelerate incredibly fast and fly freely over flatwater and chop alike. The comfortable stance will give you the confidence to push the boards and go as fast as possible.

Due to their increased control they offer higher top speeds than World Cup slalom boards for the recreational sailor. It is much easier to rail-up and carve powerful and dynamic gybes. Overall, they are faster and more fun!


+ Performance freeriders based on the latest slalom development
+ The new definition of ease and user-friendliness in the freerace class
+ Foil Approved Fin Box
+ Parabolic Rails
+ Footstrap with scale for easy adjustment to the foot size

Model 111 122 133
Length (cm) 234 234 234
Width (cm) 70 76 82
Volume (l) 111 122 133
Weight (kg) 6,9* +/- 6% *estimated 7,7* +/- 6% *estimated 8,1* +/- 6% *estimated
Fin Slalom 40 G10 CNC Slalom 44 G10 CNC Slalom 48 G10 CNC
Fin box Foil-Tuttlebox Foil-Tuttlebox Foil-Tuttlebox
Rec. sail size 5.0-8.2 6.2-9.0 >6.7
Ideal sail size 5.7-7.7 6.7-8.2 7.2-9.0

Hersteller: JP Australia
Windsurfboard - Shape: FreeRace Freeride
Jahr: 2021



Ob Kiteboard, Windsurf-Segel oder Neoprensocken,

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