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JP Size Guide

JP Wave Slate Pro 2020

Das Ultimate Wave begeistert engagierte Wave-Windsurfer auf der ganzen Welt! Es performt an jedem Spot und allen nur erdenklichen Bedingungen hervorragend.  Die Boards drehen ungemein schnell und geschmeidig und halten ihre Geschwindigkeit immer und überall - in riesigen Down-the-Line-Swell genauso wie mushy Onshore-Wellen. Es reagiert blitzschnell auf Kantendruck und wechselt komfortabel und extrem schnell von Rail zu Rail. Der überragende Griff in Turns gibt das Selbstvertrauen, persönlichen Grenzen zu überschreiten - in mittelhohen Wellen genauso wie in XXL-Brechern. Die Belohnung sind ungeahnte Turns, die zuvor unmöglich erschienen. So stellt man sich das ultimative Wave Board vor!

Since it’s introduction, the Wave Slate has been a ground-breaking wave board in small to medium surf. Its compact shape and parallel outline combined with the single to double concave bottom shape allows for a new level of early planing and speed on the wave. Agile, fast and reliable, the Wave Slate has everything you need to make even the most mediocre sessions exciting and enjoyable. Don’t think that the amazing speed and early planing will take anything away from its performance in real wave conditions though. These boards are also excellent in down-the-line conditions and very much hold their own when the surf starts getting bigger.
Wave Slate details

The parallel outline is the foundation of this board concept. It reduces drag and increases lift, resulting in more speed and early planing. Together with the efficient volume distribution, the parallel outline enhances stability allowing these boards to be shorter than before without feeling wobbly and difficult to sail.

The reduced length allows for tighter turns and makes the board feel small and compact in the air, the swing weight is centred, speeding up rotations and change of direction. Additionally, shorter boards fit better into steep sections or smaller waves with less risk of nose-diving in the critical section.

The second generation of our Wave Slates features a bottom concept which is widely used in surf boards and combines two totally different rocker lines:?On the one hand the relatively flat rocker along the centre-line supports early planing and overall performance along with a great deal of control. On the other hand, the strong V and narrow outline at the nose and tail create more curve at the rail which takes over once you initiate a turn.?This combination results in a very surf-oriented feeling on the wave while still giving you all the performance of a modern windsurf board. At the front of the board the narrow nose, pronounced V in the bottom and additional rocker keep the shoulders high and dry, resulting in a safe feeling during turns, on the wave face and when lining up jumps. Between the footstraps the deep single concave channels and accelerates the water to provide additional lift for early planing and speed.
At the tail the flat V creates a great water release and in combination with the slim outline enhances versatility on the wave and the ability to carve super tight.?The boards come with a thruster fin setup but the hull is equipped with 2 Mini Tuttle and 3 Slot Boxes to open up all trim options and to suit every rider’s style.

79 87 96
Length – cm Length – cm Length – cm
215 219 219

Width – cm Width – cm Width – cm
55 57 59

Volume - Liters Volume - Liters Volume - Liters
79 87 96

Weight – kg Weight – kg Weight – kg
5,9 +/- 6% 6,2 +/- 6% 6,4 +/- 6%

Fin Fin Fin
1x Wave 18 RTM Carbon + 2x Side Wave 10 RTM 1x Wave 19 RTM Carbon + 2x Side Wave 10 RTM 1x Wave 20 RTM Carbon + 2x Side Wave 10 RTM

Fin box Fin box Fin box
3xSB + 2xMT 3xSB + 2xMT 3xSB + 2xMT

Rec. sail size Rec. sail size Rec. sail size
<5.5 4.0-6.2 4.4-6.4

Ideal sail size Ideal sail size Ideal sail size
4.0-5.2 4.5-5.6 5.0-6.0

Fabrikant: JP Australia
Windsurfboard Maat: 81-90 L
Windsurfboard - Shape: FreeStyleWaveWave

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