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Everything You Need to Know About Wetsuits!

The Surfpirates Wetsuit Guide, so you can easily find your wetsuit online!

Hey Surfer! When it comes to surfing, good equipment is essential. And on top of the list is of course the wetsuit. Whether you're looking for a classic wetsuit, a special wetsuit for women, a short neoprene shorty for women or a high-end ION wetsuit - we at have everything your water sports heart desires!

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Discover a wide range of kites for your kitesurfing adventure

Want to feel the sound of the waves up close and let yourself be carried by the power of the wind? Then you've come to the right place! Surfpirates is your kiteshop that equips you with the best kites for your kitesurfing adventure. Our range includes a wide range of kites that will inspire you as a beginner as well as an experienced kitesurfer.

What types of kites are there?

Kites are available in different variants, which differ depending on their design and intended use. In our online store at, you will find a large selection of kite kites that will take your kitesurfing experience to the next level. There are the following kite types:

  • Freeride kites: These kites offer a balanced mix of performance and ease of use. Perfect for beginners and advanced riders who want to try out different styles.
  • Wave kites: If you are fascinated by the waves, wave kites are the right choice. They are agile and responsive to adapt perfectly to wave riding.
  • Freestyle kites: For those who love tricks and jumps, freestyle kites are the ideal choice. They offer optimum control and power for spectacular moves in the air.
  • Foiling kites: If you want to discover the fascination of foiling, foiling kites offer the necessary stability and lightness for this exciting experience.
  • Big air kites: these kites have been specially developed to enable high and long jumps. Depending on their shape, line length and other factors, big air kites differ in terms of steering speed, feedback and lift.

Depending on your weight and the wind, you will need a different kite. The more kites (in different sizes) you have, the more time you can spend on the water in different wind forces.

Would you like to expand your kitesurfing set and have questions about choosing your kites? Contact us now and get detailed advice from our experts.

What kites do beginners need for kitesurfing?

In addition to a professional kiteboard, as a beginner you should pay particular attention to choosing the right kites. Have you successfully completed your kitesurfing course and now want to buy your own kites? Then you should pay attention to certain points.

For beginners, it is more important that the kite launches easily out of the water (relaunch) and offers good depower capability to reduce the pull in strong winds. Balanced steering behavior that does not react too sensitively to steering impulses is also ideal. A reliable safety system with an effective quick release is also important for beginners.

In general, it can be said that beginners should start with an all-round kite that is versatile and does not restrict development.

You will also need a suitable kite pump and kite bar to use the kites.

If you are already comfortable with your new kite, it is worth looking out for other kites.

Tip: Find out more about kitesurfing and the different kites in our kite guide.

What brands of kites are in the Surfpirates range?

In our online store, we focus on quality and variety. That's why we stock a large selection of renowned kite brands. These include:

Are you ready to soar to unimagined heights with your kites? Then don't hesitate any longer! Discover the fascinating selection of kites in our online store that are made for adventure-seekers like you.

Tip: Whether core kites, kites from Naish or Ozone: browse through our second-hand kitesurfing market and discover a large selection of used kites, bars and kiteboards.

We are your reliable partner who not only supplies you with high-quality kites, but also offers advice and support in choosing the right kite for your ability. What are you waiting for? The waves are calling and your kites are waiting for you at - the ultimate kite store for kite pirates like you!

Find your kites and the right equipment for your kitesurfing experience in our Surfpirates online store now! Store online and start kiting!