Liquid Force Pro Pad 2017

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Liquid Force Pro Pads 2017

Pro Pad Sizes Available Sizes L/XL (Mens 9 to 13 / Womans 7+) S/M (Mens 7 to 10 / Womans 6 to 11)

New for 2017 is the Liquid Force Pro Pad and Strap Kit. The Pro Pad is the peak of comfort and customization in a kiteboarding strap and pad. Adjustable fitting to every rider?s individual foot profile is the highlight of the pad. Our unique ?tab? strap system offers multiple dimensions of adjustment to fit any foot out there. High instep, low and short toes, long and narrow arches, wide and bulky feet, the Pro Pad will offer the perfect adjustment and comfort for anyone, even with booties on! Dual density eva inserts and the choice of a multi shock absorption heel pad adds high performance vibration dampening with hard landing shock absorption. A slot mounting system allows easy compatibility on any kiteboard on the market with standard inserts or a track system.

Hersteller: Liquid Force
Jahr: 2017