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Liquid Force Solo V3 Black Edition 2019 17,5

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Liquid Force Solo V3 Black Edition 2019

The light weight advantage of the single strut platform allows the Solo V3 to handle messy and difficult wind conditions with ease ? offering exceptional drift in the lulls and extreme controllable depower in heavy gusts. A fresh approach to bridle configuration has created rapid turn initiation and aided in providing more wingtip pressure to lighting fast off the water re-launching. The ultimate control of the Solo V3 culminates into a kite that traverses all freeriding disciplines and wind chasing travelers.


Riding in light wind presents enough challenges as is. We believe that equipment should not add another dynamic of difficulty to this condition equation. The Solo lead the charge in light wind performance with its introduction 3 years ago. The Solo?s minimal build, single strut platform is unmatched for keeping the kite aloft in light and lulled wind. Don?t hold your progression and tricks back with the fear of crashing! The same benefits of decreased weight for keeping the Solo V3 in the sky translates to ease of re-launch in the slightest of breeze. Additional weight savings components include reduction of heavy Dacron material and low profile bridle lines that reduce drag and weight creating a more forward flying position allow ease of upwind angles. If you are the type of rider that would rather be on the water than sitting on the beach, the Solo V3 is your answer to more days riding your kiteboard rather than riding your beach chair.

SIZES 7 9 12 15.5 17.5

Sizes (Meters) Windrange (Knots)
5 7 9 12 15,5 17,5
30 18-30 14-24 9 ? 18 7 ? 13 6 ? 12

Kitetyp: Freeride Wave Foil
Hersteller: Liquid Force
Jahr: 2019


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